Elon Startup shows’ Monkey with Brain-chip To Play Game Just by Thinking!!


Elon Musk’s startup dedicated to interlocking brains with computers was closer to its dream this Friday, having to get a monkey to play the video game using its mind.

Elon Musk is the world’s richest person as we know, thanks to Tesla’s success. Elon’s company SpaceX is both transporting NASA astronauts furthermore making growth on its goal of settling Mars. Hence you could be forgiven for skipping that Elon has several other initiatives and various other companies he heads up. Neuralink – his project to permit people to control devices through brain waves alone, is classic Elon.


Neuralink makes brain implants such that they can be used to give people with quadriplegia – the ability to control computers & additional devices using their minds only. In the future, the company asserts, healthy people might do the same. Subsequently, this could eliminate the need for keyboards, speech-to-text, and thumb-typing on mobiles.


“To control his pole, Pager thinks about moving his hand up or down,” said a voice narrating the video. “As you can see, Pager is amazingly good at MindPong.”

The devices were rooted in two facets of Pager’s brain to sense neuron activity. Then the monkey played the game for some time using a joystick to let the software figure out the signals linked with hand movements. According to the show, Pager’s reward was banana was served through a straw smoothly when he successfully hit the digital ball from one pole to the other. After some time, the decoder program figured out what neuron signals to look for, and the joystick was not needed for Pager to play.

We have got used to Elon taking sci-fi concepts and working to turn them into reality. It is the main reason we’re so pleased with him. You may be dreaming big dreams in your company or career, but he is over-the-top huge. But then Elon backs up those big dreams with solid science and thorough knowledge. He uses that knowledge to expand the ideas about what is possible and what isn’t.

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