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Edinburgh: Women emptying milk cartons video went viral; Demands for plant-based future

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Milk pouring protest across the United Kingdom by animal rebellion activists is going viral throughout the globe on the social media.

On Sunday, Social media across the globe was swept with the videos of women pouring Milk on the floor in a supermarket.

The protest is a part of demanding a plant-based future for individuals.

There are viral videos which show women emptying cartons of Milk on the floor in departmental stores.

This latest episode took place inside the Waitrose store in Edinburgh. 

According to the United Kingdom-based publication, the protestors are demanding that the government take steps to tackle such issues and should support farmers in the transition to a plant-based future.

The same protests of emptying the milk cartons on the floors of departmental stores have also taken place in London, and Manchester report claimed.


On their official social media handle, the Animal rebellion tweeted a caption: “Milk Pours is currently happening across the UK. All are concerned people calling on the government to give us a livable future, a #PlantBasedFuture Here’s the latest Milk pour happening in Edinburgh.”

People on Social media had different views on this protest of emptying the milk cartons on the floor.

People across the globe have criticized the content, saying that it is a sheer waste of food, significantly when the prices of living are rising in the United Kingdom.

A Twitter user wrote under the post, “Milk Pours Protests for a plant-based future on the backs of lowly paid cleaning staff who’ll have to clean up this elitist mess. It’s happening around the UK; this is in Edinburgh. Can’t but cringe at the waste.”

Another Twitter user wrote, ” I’m rather a much vegan, but I don’t support these Milk Pours! The dairy enterprises are cruel; there’s no doubt about it. But. PLEASE 


 don’t smash food like this when people can’t afford to feed themselves and their kids. Find another way to make your point.”


Jason Miller

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