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Dominica: New Initiative to Help the Elderly Citizens

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Kyle Smith

Dominica’s government has announced a new initiative to help the country’s elderly citizens. Dr Cassandra Williams, Minister of State for Health Wellness and Social Services, and Murray Terrace John Care, the owner of premium home and residential care services, have been invited to speak about the new initiative.

The Advisory Board was formed to address the issues that the elderly face, such as abandonment abuse, sexual or emotional neglect, financial exploitation, and increased physical and mental health challenges. The Ministry of Health and Social Services is dedicated to creating systems and procedures that prioritise the well-being and care of the elderly while strengthening the social safety net. The Prime Minister has promised to look after seniors, and a review of current policies is in the works.

Dominica’s Prime Minister and government have established a national Advisory Board to advise the government on developing national dementia plan. Dementia affects 50 million people worldwide. A multi-sectoral public policy response is required to improve quality of life, provide equitable access to services, reduce stigma and social isolation, and make it work. There is currently no cure research underway, and investment remains modest.

Developing a dementia plan will allow working with key stakeholders to identify health and social welfare system gaps. The government is also working to enact legislation to protect older people from abuse to send a clear message that it will not be tolerated. Those who commit abuse against seniors will face criminal charges.

The National Advisory Board is developing and implementing a national dementia strategy and stronger legislation to make elder abuse a crime. The Yes We Care Program is a Dominican initiative that aims to bridge the gap between the elderly and the youth to provide them with better social and basic care.

The ADI and DDF have launched a campaign to create a National dementia plan, which will assist or foster the government in development. The World Health Organization has issued a guide for developing a plan that includes provisions for youth and the elderly. The CEO of Fox is the chair of the Dominica Dementia Foundation’s board of directors. The Honorable Minister has appointed Miss Drunker to serve on an Advisory Board to protect the elderly and advance the government’s goals to ensure they have access to quality care.


Kyle Smith

Published by
Kyle Smith

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