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Dominica: Honorable Cozier P. Frederick Visits Sineku

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Kyle Smith

Last week, the Minister for the Environment, Rural Modernization, and Kalinago Upliftment for the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Honorable Cozier P. Frederick, went to the Sineku community. He is a member of parliament for the Salybia constituency, which includes the Kalinago Territory. He also works on the Dominica Reparations Committee and the Kalinago Events Committee. The Honorable Frederick was with PS Burton, Donaldson Frederick, who is a Development Officer, and Miss St. John, who works for the Dominica Solid Waste Corporation.

The purpose of the trip was to show off the work of the department and have a conversation with the people of Sineku. During the visit, Frederick and his staff talked about their different departments and the projects they are working on to improve the residents’ lives. During the visit, the people of Sineku could talk to the minister and his staff about their questions and concerns.

The Honorable Frederick has a long history of public service in Dominica. He used to work as a Development Officer for the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs (MOKA). He has always stood up for the Kalinago. As Minister for the Environment, Rural Modernization, and Kalinago Upliftment, he works to improve the quality of life for the people of the Kalinago Territory and the rest of the community.

Representative Frederick’s visit to Sineku showed how much he cares about “Putting People First.” He thinks it’s important to talk to the people he helps, hear their needs and worries, and work with them to find solutions to their problems. The interesting talk with Sineku residents was a step in this direction and showed how much Hon. Frederick cares about “Putting People First.”

The Honorable Cozier P. Frederick’s trip to Sineku was a success, and it showed how much he wanted to improve the lives of the people in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The minister and his staff could talk about the work of their ministries and have conversation with the people of Sineku. This would give the people of Sineku a great chance to learn more about how the government works and share their concerns. Frederick’s visit was a step in the direction of “Putting People First” and “Kalinago Strong.”



Kyle Smith

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