Does Pearl V Puri Got His Bail?


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While many people would like to appear in Ajay’s dance film, a Bollywood actor who had a similar desire was the late Sushant Singh Rajput. The story shows how Sonu Sood lost his father at a young age and clung to his mother. A video of Sood interacting with a woman went viral after she was seen tying a rakhi around his wrist and continuing to touch his feet.


The film is a biopic about the life of Tamil actor and politician J Jayalalithaa. She is also set to play former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the upcoming political drama. Pearl V Puri, the actor who starred in the TV series Naagin 3: Bepanah Pyaar, was arrested last night by the police on charges of rape and harassment.

In recent days, television actress Pearl V Puri has been in the headlines for her acting and allegedly molesting a five-year-old girl on the 2018 Bepanah Pyaar set. In the three days since the arrest, the case has taken several twists and turns, and each has woven its own story. Pearl deepened the story, and she called the police station on Friday night to conduct an investigation. A few hours later, she was taken into custody by police after the news surfaced in the public media on June 5.

Deputy Police Chief (DCP) Sanjay Patil announced that some officers had arrested Pearl V Puri. He said Naagin 3 star Pearl V Puri was sent to judicial custody to investigate his involvement in the alleged rape of an underage girl.

Earlier, Deputy Police Chief Sanjay Patil released a statement revealing details of the ongoing investigation. He added that they have not yet received permission from the court.

As part of the investigation, we conducted his medical examination with the permission of the court. He underwent an RT-PCR test, which was negative, and will be transferred to Thane prison tomorrow.
In October, a father of a 5-year-old girl accused his daughter of molesting her on the set of Bepanah and filed a criminal complaint naming the accused. Responding to Ekta Kapoors’ claims, the victim’s mother said Pearl was innocent, and DCP Patil said Pearl had recounted an incident that occurred on the set of a TV show. Pearl had taken out the name of the defendant’s character during the investigation, who appeared on the show.

Her father, who works with Puri, filed a complaint with the Versova police station. His daughter identified the man who allegedly abused her as Pearl V Puri. After her revelation, the girl took her father to the police station, and Pearl was called for an arrest.


Pearl v Puri, arrested in an alleged rape case, will remain in prison for longer. Puri was arrested on June 4 in a minor RPE case and released on bail today. Waliv Police in Vasai, Mumbai, has launched rape proceedings against six people, including Puri.

TV actor Pearl v Puri’s bail hearing has been adjourned until Tuesday, 15 June. Puri, who was arrested on 4 June 2021 in a minor RPE case, was arrested at the Valid Police Station under the Vasai Virar Pocso Act and applied for bail. Puri’s next trial date is June 15, 2021, meaning she will remain in custody until then.

Viral Bhayani shared a post revealing that the actor will not be granted bail at the hearing, which will take place on Monday. Viral Bhayani’s post also revealed that the case is four years old, and since Peal V Puri has not been released on bail, it has become a Posco case involving minors. TV actress Pearl V Puris was arrested last Friday in Valiv by the police for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl in a film set in Vasai.

She added that she didn’t care if the government charged interest on the outstanding amount. Sources said the arrest was a strategic move as police arrested the actor over the weekend, and a bail plea is expected on Monday. He is in custody and on his way to court for a hearing.

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