Cornwall and Devon to witness patchy cloud, scattered heavy showers


United Kingdom: Patchy cloud, scattered heavy showers with some bright spells in between sum up is expected to be held in Cornwall and Devon on Friday, March 24, 2023.

UK Southwest Storm Chasers took to Facebook and shared the weather update while adding,”A fresh to moderate breeze throughout the day.”


Further, Southwest facing coasts may see gusts of around 40mph for a time during the morning. The day will be started with variable cloud, bright spells and showers for almost everyone. This continues to be the theme for the day.

Some of the showers may be heavy and potentially thundery at times.
Once again please take care if you’re out and about and get caught in the heavy downpours. Through the evening and overnight there will be continue with the showers and variable clouds.

The weather update is as follows:
Winds: SSW – SW 11 – 22mph (Gusts of 40mph during the morning for Southwest facing coasts)
Temperature: Daytime highs of 13 degrees with overnight lows of around 6 – 8degrees
Humidity: 82%
Pressure: 997mb
Visibility: Moderate
Sunrise: 06:14
Sunset: 18:34
UK Southwest Storm Chasers are expecting to currently have strong winds, more so on west and southwest facing coastal areas with gusts of up to 50mph.

These strong winds will continue until late evening, easing from around 21:00 onwards. Coastal areas that are prone to flooding, they currently have high tides and the next is due between 19:00 and 20:00, depending on where you are around the southwest.

They saw some flooding yesterday along the southwest and north coastal parts with more flooding expected currently and later this evenings at high tide.

In regards to weather, the showers will continue and merge at times and as per my daily released this morning, they could contain the odd rumble of thunder and flash of lightning and to add to the mix, some hail. All of the Southwest are seeing gusty winds, strong near gale force on coastal areas, and these showers.


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