Charles Bronson: Story Of Most Violent British Prisoner

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Charles Bronson, also known as Michael Gordon Peterson, is a notorious British prisoner known for his violent behaviour while in prison. Bronson has spent most of his life in prison and has a long history of violence, including leading rooftop protests, going on hunger strikes, and attacking prisoners and guards. He was born on December 6, 1952, and spent his early years in Wales before moving to Luton, near London. He was not from a rough background, his father ran a Conservative Club, and his aunt and uncle were a mayor and a mayoress.

Bronson’s violent tendencies began early in life with criminal activity, and he fought to start in his teenage years. He was arrested for armed robbery at the age of 22 and received seven-year prison sentence. While in prison, he had numerous altercations with guards and other prisoners and was frequently placed in solitary confinement. He led two more rooftop protests and also went on a hunger strike. Despite being in a mental facility, he was never properly diagnosed. He once said, “Asylums are crazy places with crazy rules. If you’re not mad when you arrive, you are when you leave.”

After being released from prison in 1987, Bronson immediately turned to crime and was arrested again for armed robbery. He spent more time in prison, engaging in violent behaviour, attacking inmates and guards, and participating in rooftop protests. He was also known for taking hostages, including a librarian and two Iraqi hijackers. He was transferred from prison to prison and, at times, was left naked for many days in dark isolation.

Despite his violent behaviour, Bronson had also engaged in creative activities such as writing poetry, sketching and creating cartoon strips. He won awards, found solace in spending time with disabled children and continued cartoon sketching. These were the quiet times. They didn’t last long. He endured more solitary, more moves, and then in one prison, he took two Iraqi hijackers as hostages in his cell.

Some people believe that Charles Bronson, a man with a violent past, was treated unjustly by the court system and should have received more help for mental health issues. Others argue that his actions resulted from the oppressive conditions in the prisons where he was held.

Charles Bronson has become a controversial figure in the United Kingdom, and opinions on him are divided. Some view him as a violent criminal who deserves to be locked away, while others see him as a victim of a flawed prison system. Regardless of one’s opinion of him, it is clear that he has had a significant impact on the British justice system.

Charles Bronson is still imprisoned after having his requests for parole turned down repeatedly recently. He has admitted to wrongdoing and said he wants to behave differently. It is unclear if he will be freed from prison, but his story has significantly altered how many people view him.

The famous British prisoner Charles Bronson, whose true name is Michael Gordon Peterson, is well-known for his violent behaviour while confined. He has abducted prison staff, been transferred between prisons, written poetry, drawn, and made cartoons. Some claim that he should have received better treatment for any mental health issues he may have had and that the harsh punishment he received may have motivated his actions.



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