CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel works diligently to boost Saint Lucia CIP


Mc Claude Emmanuel – the CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia, aims to boost the status of CIP, which stands among the best CBI programmes in the world. CEO Emmanuel is set to introduce all those policies and plans through which the programme could position itself at the top position and become the top choice of HNWIs worldwide.

Despite being the world’s newest citizenship by investment programme, Mc Claude Emmanuel has pushed it so much that it has already become one of the top choices among investors. The HNWIs are seeking to invest in the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia to get attractive investment benefits. The CIP Head plans to evolve the programme in order to lure more investors.


Saint Lucia CIP has enhanced itself efficiently and marked the reason investors are interested in this investment programme. The rising demand for the programme proves that CEO Emmanuel and his team work day and night to make it the best.

All the hard work of the CEO and his team has led to Saint Lucia CIP getting placed 3rd in the CBI Index 2022 of the PWM Magazine of Financial Times. The CBI Programme of Saint Lucia bagged top spots in the nine pillars of the CBI Index, including the ease of processing, minimum investment outlay, mandatory travel and residence.

The investors choose Saint Lucia to live in a stable and peaceful destination and grow their business in this island nation. Saint Lucia has become an effective place for investors to boost their portfolios and expand their footprints in the business world. CEO Emmanuel has launched various initiatives and campaigns for investors to provide them with an ideal platform for the security of their future.

Moreover, Mc Claude Emmanuel has been focusing on developing the due-diligence process to ensure that only legal applicants can get alternative citizenship. He said they would not compromise the programme’s integrity and give citizenship to only honest and reputable people. The applicants are provided with citizenship only after stringent due diligence.

The CEO is on the path to further strengthening the National Economic Fund option of Saint Lucia to allow investors to fund government-owned projects to develop facilities and infrastructure to advance Saint Lucia’s economy. The minimum contribution amount is US$100,000 per single applicant.



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