‘Restaurant Week’ is finally back on to St. Kitts and Nevis island after two-years

St. Kitts and Nevis has finally left behind the scars of the pandemic and is celebrating its very famous ‘Restaurant Week’ after a wait of two long years from July 14th –July 24th,2022. The country is all set to celebrate its culture, delicacies and cuisines prepared from native ingredients by the most eminent chefs in the nation.

Brussels to launch free open-air cinema this summer

Free open-air cinemas are coming back to Brussels this summer, as ‘Bruxelles fait son cinéma’ will bring back the big screen to 16 different places across the Capital Region for the 22nd time.

EU refuses to approve EU-UK trade deal ‘Brexit’

The European Commission will not suspend the EU-UK trade deal if the UK approves a draft bill that unilaterally overrides parts of the Brexit...

Belgian food and drinks are in great demand than ever in UK

Despite the effects of Brexit, Belgian food and drinks are doing better than ever in the United Kingdom and even outperforming products from other neighbouring countries.

Hampshire man drinks his ‘own fluids’ to remain young and healthy

In today's scenario, people are rushing towards making new trends and setting up records. The individuals are so keen on setting up records for their healthy lifestyle, which needs them to eat well, drink well, and do some workouts.