Businessman Billy Bowie to be appointed as Scotland Regional Winner and Finalist for UK Entrepreneur 2023

Scotland: The Scottish Businessman, Entrepreneur, Majority shareholder and owner of the Scotland Premier Football Club Kilmarnock FC, Billy Bowie from Billy Bowie, has been appointed for Special Projects Limited Named Scotland Regional Winner and Finalist for UK Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Prestmas the Christmas Festival: Prestwick Gears Up for Spectacular Christmas Celebration

Ayrshire: Following the resounding success of Prestfest, the community of Prestwick is set to embark on an even more magical journey with the upcoming Christmas extravaganza - Prestmas, the Christmas Festival.

River Garden Auchincruive Celebrates Resident Collaboration with The Bothy Café

Ayrshire: River Garden Auchincruive, a haven for personal growth and community spirit, recently witnessed a heartwarming collaboration between its garden team and The Bothy Café, forging a connection that exemplifies the essence of this unique community.

Dunrobin Street Medical Centre raises attention on ear infections, Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis

The Dunrobin Street Medical Centre in Stoke on Trent South Constituency in the United Kingdom has this time to spread awareness of inner ear infectious disease, Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis, which usually affect one's balance.

Saltire Festival Continental Market Opens from Sept 15-17, 2023

United Kingdom: Saltaire Festival's highly anticipated Continental Market, which is specialised for its diversified variety of International food, crafts, and other fascinating treasures, has been commenced in the United Kingdom from Friday, September 15, 2023, to Sunday, September 16, 2023.