President Macron, Le Pen qualifies for French election runoff

France has set to expect the tight race for the twelve presidential elections. On Sunday, April 10, the first round of poll was completed;...

Belgium logs around 10,000 covid cases daily

Everyday Covid-19 infections continue to rise in Belgium and have crossed an average of 10,000 new cases every day. According to data published by the...

Northern Ireland: Petrol and diesel prices heading towards £2 a litre

The Director of Infrastructure and Sustainability, Peter McClenaghan, revealed that fuel prices are likely to continue to increase. He advised that the local government should look at measures to subsidise costs after the next election.

World’s best-preserved pterosaur fossil found in Scotland

A spectacular fossil of a giant flying reptile, known as a pterosaur, is found by PhD student Amelia Penny during a field trip on the Isle of Skye in remote northwestern Scotland.

The Lithium Contract Between Tesla and Ganfeng Illustrates Tesla’s Path Forward Into 2022 and Beyond

According to Reuters, Tesla as well as China's Ganfeng Lithium Co, namely its affiliate GFL International Co Ltd, struck a contract a few days...