Thailand reports cat-to-human COVID-19 transmission

A new yet unique case of COVID-19 has been reported, in which a pet cat has infected a person in Thailand. As revealed via the...

Spain and South Africa Joint Communiqué on the 14th round of Bilateral consultations held in Madrid

Spain, On 1 July 2022, hosted the 14th round of Bilateral Consultations in Madrid, welcoming the return to the in-person format that was temporarily...

UK logs more than 1200 covid cases, discover antibodies in school pupils

The United Kingdom has registered 309 deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the week ending June 17 2022, which is slightly less than the previous week.  

Reports: New covid wave to peak in two or three weeks in Bulgaria

Chief State Health Inspector of Bulgaria, Angel Kunchev, told in an interview on June 27 that Bulgaria is already in a new wave of COVID-19.

UK scientists warned the over fresh covid wave

Scientists in Britain have warned of another fresh Covid wave as the United Kingdom logged over 15,800 new cases on Tuesday. Last week, British health officials also expressed concerns that there were "early signs the country could be at the start of a new wave of infections driven by Omicron variants."