Belgium logs more than 7000 Covid-19 infections

The Covid-19 circumstance in Belgium is worsening, and with new infections coming to nearly 7,700 every day, figures last kept in mid-April.

Warning to UK tourists over covid surge in Europe

Scots holidaymakers are being cautioned of developing instances of Covid-19 in famous European objections. While most EU countries have dropped most Covid limitations, new...

Greece announces new rules for infected travellers

The officials of the Greek government have declared new rules for the COVID-19 infected tourists that tourists who are covid positive while residing in Greece will not be able to go into quarantine.

Brussels, Flanders return to dark red on ECDC’s Covid-19 map

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the health conditions in Brussels and Flanders are alarming and have been colour-coded dark red on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) map.

Number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Europe: Reports

Europe: The number of the new COVID-19 infection is continuously increasing at a stable rate as well as has now surpassed 5,500 new cases...