China witnesses lockdown due to surge in COVID-19 cases

Ahead of a prominent Communist party's meeting next week, Chinese cities witnessed the imposition of fresh lockdowns across China.

World leaders gather to attend funeral of Japan’s former PM, Shinzo Abe

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's state funeral is attended by world leaders across the globe, who was fatally shot during an election campaign speech in July, takes place in Tokyo on Tuesday.

British Pakistanis celebrates 75th Independence day in London’s Wembley Arena

British Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom celebrated the country's 75th Independence day in Wembley Arena on 14 August 2022.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme paves path to peaceful life for high-net-worth individuals

One cannot decide its place of birth, but where to lead a life, that is totally one’s own decision. For the citizens seeking alternate citizenship, the Citizenship By Investment(CBI) Programme is a ray of hope for these individuals. The CBI Programme implies citizenship of a country is provided at an investment of a certain sum in that particular country. The decision regarding investment in a country is influenced by various attributes like the standard of living , political environment, and return on investment rates so as to lead a peaceful and successful life.

Dominica: “Future Housing Programme” to provide affordable homes for youth

The Government of Dominica recently launched its “Future Housing Programme” on July 16,2022 , with an ambition to provide homes that fit in the budgets of youth without taking much toll upon their pockets. The programme looks forward to provision of affordable , budget-friendly houses to young Dominican citizens, mainly 45 years or younger than that.