Imran Khan Accuses Gen. Bajwa of Manipulating 2018 Elections

Imran Khan is accusing General Bajwa of manipulating the 2018 elections. Rumours say that Khan is trying to pressure the new Army Chief.

Pakistan’s Crisis: History of Mismanagement and Militarization

Sakariya Kareem recently wrote an article for Asian Lite that covered Pakistan's financial situation and its prospects for recovery.

India’s Urban Awakening: Plans to Revamp Central Vista

The Indian government has plans to revamp the Central Vista and build a new Parliament building as part of a series of mega urban projects.

Pakistani Tribune: India’s Fortunes Have Dramatically Improved

According to the Pakistani Tribune, India's fortunes have dramatically improved in recent years and is now a major player on the global stage

Auto Expo 2023: Evs Manufacturers Showcase Latest Innovations

The Auto Expo took place in New Delhi, India, where over 70 local and foreign manufacturers displayed their electric vehicles (EVs).