Caribbean nations represents Citizenship by Investment Programme at IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave

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Top Caribbean Jurisdictions attended the 12th Edition of the IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave this year. The event was organized at Le Meridian, New Delhi, held from 9 to 10 September, to present their Citizenship by Investment (CBI) offerings.

During the event, the Commonwealth of Dominica, St Kitts, Nevis, and St Lucia, were represented at the Conclave. This event provided a better opportunity for investors to make wise decisions while investing.

The world’s leading government advisory firm, CS Global Partners, represented the Three Caribbean countries. The firm is specialized in citizenship and residency solutions. CBI Index 2022 is one of the most trusted sources of ranking global CBI programmes. St Kitts and Nevis and St Lucia secured the top three positions for their CBI options.

Investing in any of these Caribbean countries will allow international investors to take advantage of important business hubs, stable currencies, quality of education and a high life expectancy rate with advanced health facilities.

The surplus of global financial opportunities opens doors to new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Fulfilling dreams of business growth across the globe and making ties to take your business to the next level are all opportunities with the dual citizenship options of Caribbean countries.

A diverse mix of clientele from all over the world attended the event this year. The event was attended by renowned entrepreneurs, bankers, chartered accountants, wealth managers and financial experts.

The Conclave brought together global residency and citizenship consultants, legal consultants, government bodies, property developers and other stakeholders, connecting them directly with potential clients.

The two-day event allowed immigration experts to offer various international residency and citizenship programmes from different countries. They were also able to engage in one-on-one interactions at their booths in the exhibition hall throughout the day.

IREX hosts the event annually and presents investment avenues for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Their intention is to invest in second citizenships, real estate and premium luxury properties.

This year’s event attracted HNWIs from more than 25 countries such as Canada, Australia, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ireland, Malta, Montenegro, Greece, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, UK, USA and others.

Experts of Immigration will also help High Net Worth Individuals looking for second citizenship through investments to manage their finances through chances offered by the specific nations.

Dominica and St Lucia offer the opportunities to gain citizenship and diversify one’s portfolio by contributing to the provincial economy.

From the last decade, the CBI participants have been provided with freedom of movement tax benefits and lifestyle factors, such as advanced education.

Individuals who are interested and are applying for the Dominica CBI can also contribute to the Economic Diversification Fund and Real Estate.

The former supports private and public projects within the country, whereas the latter entails investment in approved real estate projects.

St Kitts and Nevis offer a wide range of CBI options, such as the Sustainable Growth Fund. This option focuses on the aspect of public and private real estate development.

Significant investments in St Lucia include the National Economic Fund Investment and real estate, amongst others. Diversifying investment options is advantageous because it enables investors to select suitable investments.

India is known for its many people flocking to other countries worldwide. Many High Net Worth Individuals are Indians looking for alternative citizenship and to enjoy advanced and modernized facilities.

The Citizenship Conclave and IREX Residency serve as convenient platforms for meetings. It has been successful for years in bringing international citizenship consultants to face-to-face individuals and corporate investors, property marketing, real estate agents, and companies across India.

CS Global Partners works with the governments of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Lucia and St Kitts and Nevis and assist them in raising their Foreign Direct Investment and producing and promoting their offers to grow inclusive wealth for their country and people while expanding their global presence by promoting the longevity and integrity and of Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CBI)

The gains induced by the CBI Programmes help in Caribbean countries’ developmental goals and aspirations.

It is among the most well-known attendees of the IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave this year. Together with the three island nations, they are looking ahead to hosting attendees at their stands and showing the different and unique benefits they have to offer investors.

Jason Miller

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