Bulgaria: 607 deaths, 1000 medics tests positive in 24 hours


According to the Unified Information Portal, Bulgaria has registered 607 new death cases for COVID-19; the total number of reported death cases are 33,728.

Since 2022 began, this is the massive record of Covid-19 deaths in Bulgaria; as per the Unified Information Portal, the 40 deaths are registered in the past 24 hours.


In the past week, 1000 medical personnel in Bulgaria tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total to 21 448, a figure that includes people who have died, active cases and those who have recovered from the virus.

As per the January 30 report, the active cases of covid were 259 629; it peaked at more than 20 674 cases of novel coronavirus.

A total of 6212 patients are hospitalized with Covid-19 in the country. 311 new admissions in hospitals have been reported in the last 24 hours; as per the reports, the total hospital registrations have peaked at 528 in the past week.   

So far, 4 204 264 vaccinations doses have been administered in Bulgaria, an increase of 48 645 in the past week, with 2612 in the past day.

A total of 2 011 537 people in Bulgaria have completed the vaccination cycle, an increase of 18 689 in the past week, with 1014 in the past day.

A total of 632 262 people have received a booster dose of vaccine, an increase of 26 470 in the past week, with 1393 in the past day.


According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) online vaccine tracker, as of February 5, the uptake of at least a single dose of the vaccine among the total population of Bulgaria was 29.6 per cent, of full vaccination 29.1 per cent and of a booster dose, 8.9 per cent.

The ECDC said that for the EU-EEA area, the uptake of at least a single dose was 74.5 per cent, of full vaccination 70.5 per cent and of a booster dose 45.6 per cent.


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