British Youtuber Urbandoned: Explored Abandoned Ferrybridge Power Station Before Demolition


UnAbandoned is a group of urban explorers based in the UK. This group of people visited the UK’s abandoned Ferrybridge coal-fired power station. They had a close encounter with security while exploring the site. The group described their observations of the various structures present at the station, including turbines and boilers. They predicted the plant would lose £100 million over the following five years, leading to its decommissioning on March 23, 2016, after producing its last electricity.

According to the group, “the power station had adapted to new environmental laws over time by adding Flu Gas Desulphurization to units 3 and 4”. However, a major fire in 2014 and the costs of complying with new ecological guidance ultimately made the power station a failing operation. The iconic plant was predicted to lose £100 million over the following five years, and as a result, it produced its last electricity on March 23, 2016, before being decommissioned.


The group also mentioned the Large Combustion Plants Directive, a regulatory measure related to the operation of coal-fired power plants. How this directive specifically impacted the Ferrybridge power station is still being determined.

Residents of the area have shared their views on social media about the abandoned power station. Emily, a resident, said, “It’s such a shame to see such a beautiful and historic building left to rot like this. I remember visiting the power station on a school trip and being in awe of the size and scale of the operation. It’s a sad reminder of how quickly things can change.”

Another resident, Jack, expressed concern about the potential hazards of the abandoned site. “I’ve heard stories of people trespassing and exploring the power station, and it’s just not safe,” he said. “There could be all sorts of hazards, like unstable structures or leftover chemicals. The site must be properly secured and monitored to prevent accidents.”

A third resident, Sarah, called the power station should be repurposed or demolished. She said “The power station has been a landmark in this area for decades, and it would be a shame to see it completely forgotten. I understand it’s not feasible to restart operations, but we can turn it into something else, like a museum or a research facility.”

Overall, the abandoned Ferrybridge coal-fired power station remains a divisive and controversial topic in the local community. While some mourn the loss of a historic and iconic building, others prioritize safety and practicality.

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