British Pakistanis celebrates 75th Independence day in London’s Wembley Arena


British Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom celebrated the country’s 75th Independence day in Wembley Arena on 14 August 2022.

During the Press Conference organized by the UK Pakistan Business Council (UKPBC), the Trade and Investment Minister of Pakistan High Commission London, Shafiq Shazad, announced that thousands of people would be attending this historical event to celebrate independence day together.


Pakistan’s Government has decided to celebrate Independence Day, the historical event, by organizing various events globally, and London is one of the cities where the events will be scheduled.

This year Pakistan celebrated its silver jubilee in Wembley Arena, London. Thousands of British and European Pakistanis gathered to celebrate as one community. Shafiq Shahzad, the Trade and Investment Minister of the Pakistan High Commission, London, said that they had informed other organizations so that it could be a memorable one.

During the event, around 10,000 people attended, and dozens of Pakistanis artists made special appearances. Pakistani singers and celebrities from various fields participated in the event to make it unforgettable for people and mark the day in a unique style.

Many Pakistani events have been celebrated in Wembley Arena, London, but Independence day has never been observed at such a big venue as Wembley Arena.

Newly elected UK Pakistan Bussiness Council’s president, Naveed Ahmed, said that this event would convey an excellent message to the world that the people of Pakistan are patriotic and are connected to their roots.

The country has completed 75 years of independence and will celebrate its 76th year of Liberation worldwide.  Millions of Pakistanis from all over the UK participated in the event on 14 August 2022. British Pakistanis were seen celebrating the 75th silver jubilee of independence in the streets of Southhall, London.




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