Bison attack leaves British student paralysed in US


UK: A British student, Amelia Dean, has been unable to walk following a ferocious attack from a Bison while she was on a road trip across the United States. A male bison had suddenly charged at her at Custer State Park that injured her thigh, leaving her unable to walk.

The bison gored Amelia’s left thigh and then had her catapulted ‘heads over heels ten to fifteen feet high in the air. Her survival has been miraculous after going through such an ordeal, as Amelia’s parents Matthew and Jacqueline, had stated.


On 16th June, Amelia was out hiking with a friend and his dog when she had to face the bison. Amelia had been taken to Monument Health in Rapid City, South Dakota. She has termed the incident as a ‘surreal’ one. Further, she said that the attack was totally unprovoked. They didn’t do anything to enrage the bison, and it had charged at her out of nowhere. She, along with her friend, was just walking around in the park.

“I remember feeling the pressure on my hip,” Amelia stated. “My hip being pushed back, and I remember the sensation of flying in the air and going head over heels.”

Amelia’s friend stated she was trapped as she hit the ground, with the bison’ huffing all over her’, its feet inches from her head. She had fleed away the bison and called the emergency services at the first instance. Amelia had suffered extensive injuries from the attack.

Her femoral arteries had been severed along with serious injuries at the tibial and peroneal nerves that are part of the sciatica nerve.

Despite being heavily injured, her survival was really a miracle, and her parents expressed being highly fortunate as the blood loss could have killed her, while she awaited an ambulance for nearly twenty minutes.

Post Seven weeks after the attack, though the artery and muscle damage is healing, Amelia is unable to walk without support and continues to suffer severe nerve pain, numbness, hypersensitivity, paralysis, and limited mobility below the knee.


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