Belgium reports less than 300 COVID-19 patients in ICU for first time since October


In Belgium, the Health Authorities has stated that the Covid-19 patients being treated in intensive care units in the country has declined below 300 for the first time since the end of October last year.

As per the figures published in a report on Wednesday morning, an average of 194.1 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals each day between February 16 and 22. There is now a decline of 26% from the preceding seven days.


Moreover, this figure reflects how many individuals end up in hospital precisely because of the Coronavirus, not those admitted with another condition and then test positive for the COVID-19.

On Tuesday, 287 people were being treated in intensive care, down 28 from Monday, with 127 (-9) patients on a ventilator. A total of 2,823 persons were treated in Belgian hospitals as a result of an infection (-176).

This figure includes all patients who tested positive for Covid-19, even if they were first admitted with a different condition.

Furthermore, between February 13 to February 19, an average of 9,273 new COVID-19 infections were identified each day, a 38% decrease on the previous seven days. The Omicron variant of Coronavirus currently accounts for just 70.2% of all cases in Belgium, down 13% since last week.

The average number of PCR tests taken per day in the same period declined by 19% to 43,860.1. The positivity rate now stands at 24.3%.

However, during the same week, an average of 38.4 Covid-19 patients has died on a daily basis, down by 18% since last week. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic amounts in Belgium amounts to 30,040.


The percentage of people fully vaccinated in Belgium is around 78.3%, accounting for 90.5L people. As of now, around 2.48Cr doses of vaccine have been given in the country.

Since the pandemic, Belgium has reported a total of 3,520,568 cases of Coronavirus, with 2,667,319 recoveries and 30,040 fatalities.

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