Belgium reopens its Embassy in Kyiv; give €500 million aid


Sophie Wilmès, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced that Belgium is nowadays seeking to reopen the Belgian embassy in the Ukraine capital of Kyiv after it was closed for security reasons in March.

The Belgian capital, situated in the Ukrainian capital, was closed at the beginning of March. Due to the changing security situation, about a week after Russia invaded Ukraine.


Wilmès confirmed while following a meeting of the Council of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg on Monday that “Foreign Affairs is currently preparing for the reopening of the Belgian embassy in Kyiv,” in a press release.

Further, Belgium is restarting its support for Ukraine, emphasizing military equipment, by agreeing to the third tranche of €500 million to be allocated to the European Peace Facility.

Wilmès again called for a continuation of diplomatic efforts to convince other nations to pressure Russia for a ceasefire and a withdrawal of troops from Ukraine. She also warned against Russian propaganda, especially on social media, in high-level contact between Russia and third countries.

“Russia does not hesitate to use lies to justify its military aggression and invasion,” Wilmès said. “Now Russia is trying to influence our partners by saying that the risks to global food security are linked to European sanctions and not the war in Ukraine.

However, Russia has closed the ports on the Sea of Azov, thereby blocking grain exports.”

She also reiterated Belgium’s support for the fifth sanctions against Russia and Belarus. She called for the next series of sanctions to be anticipated now – without taboos – and the loopholes that still need to be closed.


These sanctions must be part of a long-term perspective and therefore bearable in the long run.

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