Belgium reduce pensions of due to high home care prices


Due to the high energy prices, Belgium is about to increase daily used home care articles in the coming months.

Although the average pension in Belgium is already well below the housing price in the residential care homes, the gap is widening now that homes in Flanders are adjusting their prices.


The daily rates of home care articles are not increasing in all residences; allowed to make an indexation twice a year but is not liable to do so.

The Antwerp Care Company has decided to charge 8 percent more on the bill for residents, which will cost up to more than €100 extra per month. The moderate employee pension is far below the cost of living in care houses.

Delegate Director of the Flemish Independent Care Network, John States, stated that if that pension is also indexed, the gap between that average pension and the rates of accommodation in a residential care home will continue to expand.

“The pensions in Flanders are far too low,” he added.

Although he said that the accommodation is very costly because it is a secure environment with 24/7 care. Certainly, residents pay for their living costs, meals, cleaning etc., which is included in the daily price.

A few weeks ago, Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke announced that the dependents’ care budget would be adjusted. The negotiations within the government are currently ongoing, and the amounts for residents with a low pension would be significantly higher by 2024 at the latest.


For States, however, that is “far too late,” as it will not help the nursing home residents today. “The care budget must be adjusted now, and I think there are still social measures to be taken.”

He refers to the energy bill: “the Federal Government has not thought of reducing the VAT on energy for residential care homes and assisted living facilities. And I can list numerous other social measures that are possible.”

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