Austria,Germany,Spain continues to hold Passenger Locator Form obligation 


Many European Union and Schengen Area nations are lifting or easing some of their COVID-19 restrictions, but some still countries require the travellers to complete the Passenger Locator Form.     

According to the reports, Austria, Germany, and Spain are the European nations that ask certain categories of travellers to fill in the form.


The government officials of three countries have explained that not all arrivals are obliged to follow such a requirement. 

The authorities of the three countries have explained that not all travellers are subject to such a requirement. Only persons who do not hold the necessary documents, such as COVID-19 proof or another equivalent document, and those from areas that are highly affected by the virus, are currently subject to the Passenger Locator Form requirement.

Austria currently requires only travellers who do not hold a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate to complete a pre-travel clearance, similar to the passenger locator form.

“Travellers entering Austria with “3-G” proof do NOT need pre-travel clearance. Pre-travel clearance is required when entering without “3-G” proof,” the statement of the Austrian authorities reads.

Through this form, travellers who do not hold the required documentation need to provide information on the state of departure, day of entry to Austria, means of transport, and the number of plates or flight, ship, train, or bus.

Germany also requires travellers from high-risk and virus variant areas to fill out the digital entry form. However, currently, there are no countries on this list, meaning that travellers do not need to complete this form when travelling to Germany.


“Travelers who have previously stayed in a risk area are obliged to fill out the digital entry registration form at and carry the confirmation they have received upon entry,” the German body responsible for disease prevention and control, Robert Koch Institute, explains.

Similar to the countries mentioned above, Spain requires travellers to complete the Health Control Form. However, the Spanish Ministry of Health has explained that such a requirement applies only to persons who do not hold an EU Digital COVID Certificate or another equivalent document.

“If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, you must complete the SpTH Health Control Form, manually entering the details of your vaccination, recovery, or diagnostic test certificate,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

According to the Ministry, such a requirement applies only to persons over 12.


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