Austria & Germany offer fleeing Ukrainians free travel


Deutsche Bahn, the public national railway company, announced on Sunday that the company is collaborating with railways in Poland to place additional special carriages and trains on the railway tracks in case citizens of Ukraine, fleeing war, arrive Germany in massive numbers.

According to the transport authorities in both countries, all refugees of Ukraine travelling to Germany and Austria can access for free and without tickets on long-haul trains.


Moreover, the company also tweeted on Twitter to express solidarity with Ukraine by saying, “From now onwards, refugees holding Ukrainian passports or identity cards can access all long-haul trains from Poland to Germany for free.

The company also said that it maintains close ties with the Federal Government, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, federal and state governments, and its partner railways in the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria.

As per the reports, from Poland to Germany, Six Eurocity long-haul trains run every day on a regular basis, and all these trains pass from Frankfurt/Oder border crossing. The long-distance trains have their starting points in Warsaw, Gdansk, Przemysl (border to Ukraine)/Krakow, Vienna/Wroclaw.

Furthermore, the authorities of Germany stated that the country is willing to assist Ukrainians by providing massive assistance to nations that border on Ukraine, especially Poland.

On Sunday, Leonore Gewessler, transport minister of Austria, said that she had concluded an agreement with the public railway company OeBB for the citizens of Ukraine to use its train free of cost without tickets.

In a tweet, she said that “Ukrainians who are fleeing from war can use OeBB trains in Austria without a ticket. “In times like this, it is our responsibility to help fast and unbureaucratically. And that is exactly what we are doing.”


Russia launched a large scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. This move comes after several countries refused to help Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia. Many countries have sanctioned Russia over the Ukrainian-Russian crisis.

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