At least 7000 Ukrainians missing, presumed captured by Russia


Starting from the beginning of Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine on 24 February, more than 7,000 Ukrainian fighters have been proclaimed missing, said Ukraine’s chief for people who vanished under unique conditions, Oleh Kotenko, in a remark to Ukrainian media.

A dedicated call centre established to report missing persons recorded a total of 7,200 cases of missing Ukrainian service members, many of whom are suspected of having been captured by the enemy.


As per the commissioner, this figure incorporates faculty from a few parts of the Ukrainian military, including the Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Guard, line monitor, and SBU (insight administration). From the Ukrainian military alone, there are suspected to be no less than 2,000 missing warriors.

Large numbers of these missing soldiers incorporate soldiers from Ukraine’s disputable Azov regiment, who protected Mariupol’s Azovstal production line grounds at a frantic point of no return.

“Our call revolve enlisted around 7,200 individuals. For instance, the Azov regiment is important for the National Guard, and there are additionally missing people. They didn’t contact their family members when they left Azovstal,” the commissioner said.

The chief demands that the majority of the missing soldiers who answered the call place are alive and held in imprisonment by Russian powers and their intermediaries. Warriors from Ukraine’s most memorable force, the 36th Marine Brigade, are known to be kept by Russia.

“We realize that they were taken to Russia. To start with, we really want to comprehend the number of individuals that are there. On the off chance that there are more than 100 of them, we comprehend that practically the whole unit is in bondage,” Kontenko said.

There are hopes that many of these warriors will be returned to Ukraine as a component of detainee trades between the two fighting nations. Toward the finish of June, more than 140 Ukrainian troopers were delivered as a component of the most significant detainee trade of the conflict.


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