Armenia PM attends launch of Armenia’s national air event


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the event dedicated to the launch of the Armenian national airline Fly Arna at Yerevan’sArmenia PM attends launch of Armenia’s national air event the press service of Armenia PM reported.

“The ceremony started with the arrival of the first Airbus A320 aeroplane of Fly Arna from Sharjah International Airport to Armenia, bringing with it the delegation of Air Arabia Group. ThArmenia PM attends launch of Armenia’s national air event was welcomed at Zvartnots International Airport with a water salute.


The event was attended by Tatevik Revazyan, Chairperson of the Civil Aviation Committee; Tigran Avinyan, Chairman of the Board of the State Interest Fund of Armenia (ANIF); David Papazyan, Executive Director of ANIF; Adel Abdullah,,, Ali, CEO of Air Arabia and other officials.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan welcomed those present and said, “Sometimes it is very difficult to regulate the mind, what to focus on. More on what we have or what we do not have? And this is a really important question because what we have inspires us and what we do not have.

It can sometimes discourage us in the sense that was having so much in Armenia, at the same time, we do not have so much that sometimes it seems impossible to fill the gap, accomplish the mission, and accomplish the task that fits into the vast space of what we do not have.

And in this sense, we have decided not to be afraid to face all the challenges. And we have decided that we should have more and more and give up the logic of patching. If we are doing something, we must do everything we can to do it as properly as possible, at the highest possible level.

And our political commitment has been that during the years we are in office, significant changes must take place in the field of aviation, and the colours of our state flag must appear on more and more planes. I am glad that we have this opportunity today. I congratulate all of us because, with the participation of our partners from Air Arabia from the United Arab Emirates and the Armenian National Interests Fund, we are establishing this kind of an airline.”

According to Nikol Pashinyan, this has multi-sided significance because one of the most important achievements of the pre-Covid period was that the Government was able to create an opportunity for citizens to travel at affordable prices. “And this is not just a matter of movement, this is also a political, civilizational issue, because when as wide sections of our society.


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