Armenia logs more than 400,000 cases of COVID-19


As of Thursday morning, ten new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Armenia. These cases have reached 422,721 in the country, as learned from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

But no new deaths from COVID-19 were registered, maintaining the respective total at 8,621 cases.


The number of people who have recovered over the past day is six, the respective total number so far is 410,393, and the number of people currently being treated is 2,027—an increase by four from the previous day.

And 2,130 COVID-19 tests were conducted in Armenia over the past day, while 3,007,841 such tests have been performed to date.

Travellers entering Armenia should provide either:

  1. A COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a negative result taken within the previous 72 hours; or
  2. A certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19, administered according to the dosages prescribed for that vaccine.
  • For single-dose vaccines, a certificate confirming that it was administered at least 28 days (4 weeks) before entering the country.
  • For multi-dose vaccines, a certificate confirming that the last dose was administered at least 14 days before entering the country.

A PCR certificate with a negative result or a vaccination certificate is not required for children up to 6 years, 11 months 29 days old.

Visitors who do not present any of these documents will be refused entry.

Armenian citizens and foreign nationals with temporary or permanent residence status who do not present these documents will be tested at the airport or land border crossing point. 


They will be subject to mandatory self-isolation until a negative PCR test result is obtained. The traveler must bear all PCR test-related expenses.

Persons not holding relevant certificates who refuse to be tested or examined will be isolated for 14 days and will be hospitalized if symptoms of COVID-19 are detected.


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