After the Fall Advertised for Oculus Quest Platform!!


Vertigo Games, creators of the Arizona Sunshine declared VR co-op action FPS After the Fall to arrive at the Oculus Quest platform and it will be released by this summer beside the PlayStation VR & PC VR versions. When Facebook released the Oculus Quest 2 new version this year we could enhance the VR experience with an array of accessories such as Oculus’ Elite Strap/VR Cover’s range of facial interfaces. Also, Logitech got up with its product line with the G333 VR Gaming Earphones including G PRO Gaming Headset. But both of them were available only in the United States. Till now, with United Kingdom Oculus Quest 2 owners is available now to obtain them.

As both of these products are designed simply to integrate with the standalone headset feature custom shrink cables so we can get premium sound without the hassle of normal headphones cables getting in the way. And thanks to Facebook joining with Logitech, both of them are Certified Oculus Ready.


What are its Features?

  • Go it alone with 3 AI companions or you can enjoy the four-player co-op gameplay using cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Investigate, scavenge and sustain the frozen, Snowbreed filled ruins of 80s LA.
  • Take on enormous hordes, defeat special enemies & epic bosses.
  • Craft and grade a broad array of deadly weapons and devastating powers.

“The crews at Oculus and Logitech G partake the same passion for gaming and the same purpose to advance innovation, design, and technology to increased heights. We’re pleased to be collaborating with Oculus to produce a next-gen Oculus Ready VR audio encounter,” Vadim Kogan, head of business development for AR and VR at Logitech in a statement. “The Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones plus the PRO Gaming Headset have been thoughtfully created to support VR set up and to present the most immersive and refined audio experience.” Both are available now, selling for GBP 44.99 and £84.99. 

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