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According to Kim Jong Un – Food Situation is “Tense” Due To Pandemic

Kim Jong Un met South Korean President Moon Jae-in in 2018. North Korean Premier Kim Jong Un. When North Korean leader Kim Jong-un warned of possible food shortages and urged his people to adapt to expanded COVID-19 restrictions, he organized a major political conference to discuss national efforts to rescue a broken economy.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that the food situation was tense in his country last year due to a typhoon that destroyed crops, which underscored a shortage in the agricultural sector, which was exacerbated by his decision to close the border the spread of COVID-19. Kim told a senior cadre that the food situation was tight and blamed the damage caused by the typhoon for a drop in grain yields, state media reported Wednesday. The North Korean leader warned of food shortages and urged authorities to increase agricultural production. The country grapples with pandemic border closures, crippling economic sanctions, and a series of Typhoons and floods.
The Korea Development Institute, a South Korean government think tank, said that Kim had laid North Korea the task of maintaining a “perfect anti-epidemic state,” suggesting the country has extended its pandemic curfew, which has strained the North’sNorth’s economy. However, the North Korean leader said that the country’s economy had been improved through increased industrial production. The comments came after Kim made a rare admission that politics has fallen short of expectations since he replaced his top economic official last summer.
Kim said in January that the previous five-year plan had failed in some sectors due to chronic food and electricity shortages exacerbated by sanctions, pandemics, and floods. He said the food situation of people was becoming tense after the agricultural sector failed to meet its grain production plans due to damage caused last year by a typhoon, reported NHK World. Kim called for steps to minimize the impact of natural disasters and said that lessons learned the previous year would be vital to achieving goals for this year.
However, Kim pointed out that there have been several divergences in the parties’ efforts to implement the plan because of several obstacles and not a single food shortage. NHK World said Kim Kim had also instructed the state to keep anti-virus measures and rebuild the economy.
The party has pledged to devote all its efforts in the coming year to agriculture to discuss ways to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, reported KCNA. There have been several divergences in parties’ efforts to implement the plans, though, he said, as there have been several obstacles pointing to food shortages. The party vowed to focus all efforts on agriculture and discuss ways to fight the pandemic in the coming years, “Kim said.
Kim said the COVID-19 pandemic had forced the party to increase efforts to provide food, clothing, and housing to the population reported KCNA. He called for action to minimize the impact of natural disasters and learned from last year as key to achieving this year’s targets. The effect of the pandemic is exacerbating the humanitarian situation in the North, where 10.6 million people are in need, said a UN spokesman for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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