33-year-old Chinese man discovered himself ‘intersex’ over recurring urine issues


A Chinese man was shocked to discover that he was intersex after seeking assistance for a persistent urinary issue for the past 20 years.

According to the sources, Chen Li, aged about 33, was left stunned to discover that he has ovaries and a uterus and that the recurring urine issues he was experiencing were actually menstruation.


Chen underwent surgery in the Sichuan province of China to treat his uncontrollable urinating during adolescence. He has been dealing with continuous blood in his urine for over 20 years.

He has struggled with recurring blood in his urine for more than 20 years. The root cause of Chen’s illness was discovered last year during a medical examination. The chain contained the female chromosome. According to the media reports, he had menstrual blood in his urine and abdominal discomfort due to menstruation.

33 years after being identified as a man, Chen went to a hospital in Guangzhou, which treats genital problems, because the result of the check-up was troubling for him.

Chen requested the Guangzhou Hospital to have his female reproductive organs removed. He underwent a three-hour surgery on June 6 and was discharged from the hospital ten days later.

According to media reports, the male was born intersex, meaning that despite having male external genitalia, he also had female sex chromosomes, ovaries and a uterus.

The term “intersex” is used for various situations in which one’s chromosomes, reproductive organs, and sexual anatomy do not fit into the standard categories of male or female.


In the past, intersex people were called “hermaphrodites”. The term “hermaphrodite” is no longer used and is widely considered derogatory.

Most experts believe intersex births can range anywhere from three in every 200 births to one in every 2,000.


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